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Content Management Systems

Have control over your website content. Our systems enable your business to update, change and delete content at your convenience.

Custom Online Software & Branding

Ensure brand consistency across all your business systems through our enterprise system integration.

Funeral Management

We offer a system that streamlines and simplifies the management and operations of a funeral business specifically engineered to address your unique business needs.

Database Management Software

Drive successful operational decision-making and strategic planning through our effective data management software, that can run business applications and provide analytical information at your convenience.

Mobile and web-based applications

Enhance the accessibility of your services and add value to your clients through our mobile and web-based applications.

Mobile Payment Collects

Give your clients payment options with our mobile payment collections software.

Social Media Integration

Increase your brand reach and improve on client interactions through our social media integration.

Stock Management

Automate and manage stock planning activities using our system that tracks inventory, reports on stock levels and streamlines the ordering and invoicing process for your business.

Policy Management

We offer a comprehensive policy management software that enables your business to register, administrate and handle claims.

UIPLAY Turnkey Software Products.

PolicyNET Overview

  • Enterprise Insurance Membership & Receipting Platform.
  • Platform enables brokers and parlours to collect funeral or legal insurance premiums.
  • Our system streamlines the broker administrative process for insurance and funeral businesses.
  • Platform has an automated claim management system.
  • WhatsApp communication is available on the platform.

CareNET Overview

CallNet is a call centre management software that synchronizes member calls into a system.
Voice recordings are stored in the respective member document library to assist with compliance checks.

  • Member onboarding
  • Group & Member Management
  • Communication platform to SMS, Whatsapp and Email members
  • Collections
  • Pre-Authorization

FuneralNET Overview

FuneralNET & DovesNET provides world class funeral management software.

The software is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and offers:

  • Procurement
  • E-Mortuary
  • Funeral Event Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

CallNET Overview

All our systems intergate into CallNET.

CallNET is the call centre management software that synchronize member calls into the particular system.

Voice recordings are stored in the respective member document library to assist with compliance checks.

CallNET offers inbound and outbound technology

ICSANET Overview

Virtual Academy Overview

Virtual Academy offers an online training program where documentation and training materials are accessible virtually. This program includes a certificate of completion.


Procurenet is a software that automates the process of purchasing goods/services and maintaining inventory. It assists in managing all procurement-related processes, including: Sending purchase requisitions and generating purchase orders.

SAMS Overview

Safety Asset Management System is a cloud based asset management program for all types of security equipment such as lifejackets, clothing and PPE equipment. Safety Asset Management System includes:

  • Monitoring of service and expiry dates
  • Certification of safety equipment
  • Renewal and warning notifications

UnionWorks Overview

  • Membership Software for Labour Unions
  • SMS and Email Communication Platform to Members
  • Calculate fees in Payment Deduction Schedules and E-Filing to Employers
  • Staff augmentation
  • Whatsapp Communication

Device Overview

Point of Sales Devices are integrated into the system, allowing agents Real Time Access in the field. Creating accessibility and efficiency anywhere.

  • Debit &Credit card payments
  • Aedo
  • Receipting
  • Cash Payment

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